Introducing: a Junior Scholars’ Research Database

Over the course of the past year, I’ve made it a goal to get my work both published and presented by the time I graduate in 2023. But where? There are a few collections of active conferences and journals out there, but many of them are either out of date, incomplete, or focused on STEM fields specifically. In researching places to submit my work, I found myself with quite a large and well-organized working database: exactly the sort of resource I’d wanted to start with.

The purpose of this project– tentatively named the Junior Scholars’ Research Database– is to provide young students like myself with a comprehensive, frequently-updated, easily-navigable directory of when, where, and how to submit their work for publication or presentation. I’ll continue to moderate and maintain the database, but one of the virtues of Notion, the software I’m using to host it, is that it allows collaborative editing by anyone with the link– so anyone can add a conference, journal, or other venue that I missed.

At the moment the database is very Classics-focused, because I am a classicist and it began as a list of things I wanted to submit to, but I hope that the collaborative nature of the project will enable it to grow into a well-rounded repository of submissions for all humanities disciplines. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the database, or thoughts on the project in general, please get in touch with me via email ( and share them. And of course, please peruse the website itself, using the link below!


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