Translation: Larks (The songbirds): An international Latin journal originally titled Alaudae (1889-1895). (M. Subacus, G. Kaiser, J. Reed, N. Dell-Isola & M. Lombardi-Nash, et al., Trans.). Jacksonville, FL: Urania Manuscripts

Manuscripts in Progress

Article: “The House that Dripped Blood: Sacrifice and the Abject in the Agamemnon
Article:Materia conveniente modis: Generic Interplay in Fasti 2.268-380″
Article: “The Epitaph of Gallus & Civil Warfare in Propertius 21 & 22”
Article:Ως ὅμοιον τῷ Διονύσῳ τὸ κάλλος: Gendering Longus’s Daphnis”
Article: “Living and Party Living: The Role of the Corpse in Frankenstein and Herbert West— Reanimator
Article:Romanaque Pergama me teque legent: Temporal Collapse in Caesar’s Tale of Troy”